Gift Baskets & More

Rice Krispie Treat Candy-filled Tower Cake
The platter of the summer!
Handmade Chocolate Tray Deluxe
A delicious selection of handmade chocolates. $25, $50, $75 (shown)
Pretzel & Bark Tray
$55.00 & $80.00
Personalized Large College Tray
Class of 2🧻2🧻!
Snack Pack!
Perfect gift to send to a loved one! Can be customized for your favorites!
Class of 2🧻2🧻! Congratulations to not
Graduation Trays $32.50
Nostalgic Gift Basket
Ole Tyme Favorites!
Custom College Candy Board Trays
College trays $32.50 & $27.50
Happy Mother's Day!
Truffles, mint lentils, rice krispie treats all put together for a perfect mother's day gift! $35.00
Sugar is our soymate 🤩🍣🍱
Sushi Trays available in multiple sizes
Custom Chocolate Covered Twinkie Tray
Birthday candy baskets, the perfect gift
The Grand Chocolate Gift
Available from $22.50-$150 (shown)
Chocolate Tray
Pretzel Tray
Chocolate Extravaganza
5.75 lbs of Chocolate!
Chocolate tray
Available at $22.50, $27.50 (shown), $38.50, $52.50, $82.50, $100.00 +
Logo Trays for Corporate & College
Available in different sizes & formations $35.00-$65.00
Pretzels & Barks Deluxe
Available at $50.00 & $80.00
Handmade Chocolates and Pretzels
Pretzel & Bark Tray
$45.00 & $75.00
Holiday Pizza!
Holiday Pizza!
Just a sweet way to say thank you
Great for groups
$22.50, $27.50, $38.50, $52.50, $82.50, $100.00, $125.00
Superbowl Poo Poo Platter
For all your cravings!
Holiday Happiness
Custom XLCandy Sushi $65
superbowl wrecking ball
A Chocolate Pinata to Add to your Superbowl Fun!
superbowl pretzel pizza
Pick your pizza flavor! Order today
Close up Shot of Deliciousness
Pretzel Baskets
$27.50 (shown), $38.50
Handmade Bark Tray
$25.00 (Shown), $35.00, $45.00
Pretzel Plate
$25.00 (Shown), $35.00, $45.00
Supreme Pizza!
14" Chocolate Pizza filled with pretzels and oreo pieces, covered with 3 kinds of chocolate, caramel, m&m's and chocolate chips!
Sweeties has an assortment of gift baskets for every occasion..
Custom sizes for your budget. Size shown: $100.00
Gourmet Handmade Chocolate Tray
$100 shown, also available for $75.00, $50.00
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Rice Krispie Treat Candy-filled Tower Cake