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About Sweeties Candy Cottage...

Sweeties Candy Cottage is more than just your classic candy store. It has been a Long Island icon since 1995 with its distinctive yellow and pink candy cottage appeal on the outside and its floor to ceiling candy covered old fashion appeal inside. Our staff members are also professional chocolate artists. For over 20 years, we have been designing centerpieces, custom chocolate creations, party favors and goody bags for any event, including weddings, birthdays, christenings, communions, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16’s and more…At Sweeties Candy Cottage our mission is to help you celebrate your special occasion with the favor you want…in your theme, color, candy type AND budget…call us to go over details and help you make your vision come true.

Sweeties In the News...

Happy Shoppers

  • “I just Love this Place.  It’s like the Disneyland of CANDY!” (Quoted from a male adult)

  • “There Should be a Candy Store Like This EVERYWHERE in the World”!…John

  • You Make Everybody Happy!

  • It was a picture perfect day. You made one girl very happy! She was so excited when she saw the crosses!

  • Oh! I just want to live here!

  • Sweeties is the best store in the world!

  • Question: “Where would you rather go for a day – to Disney or Sweeties?..” Answer: “Sweeties of course!”

  • It’s like walking into a slice of HEAVEN.

  • It’s like Candyland!

  • The wheel just steers me in here.

  • Shopping at Sweeties is like shopping at Target. I come in here for one thing and find a whole bunch of things I love.

  • This is the ultimate come in here.

  • Everytime I come in, you’re working on something new!

  • We are so lucky that we have you as parents and that we live near the candy store.

  • I had a project to do for school of my favorite thing. I did it on the Candy Cottage.

  • That just elevated my whole being!

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